The Askew Sisters - the acclaimed English Folk Duo making waves on the folk scene with their energetic brand of English folk music


In the Air or the Earth
RootBeat Records
RBRCD20 (2014)
£12.00 inc p&p UK ONLY

Winner of the Spiral Earth Award for Best Traditional Album 2015.

Captivating new album from this popular English folk duo and highly anticipated follow-up to 2010's 'Through Lonesome Woods'.

" album of singular and iconic beauty."
Folk Words, Tim Carroll

"...surely a definitive album of the current English Folk scene."
Spiral Earth, Iain Hazlewood

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3. Room for the Cuckold/Beaux of London City | 10. I Wish the Wars Were all Over.

  1. The Maid on the Shore
  2. The Wife of Usher's Well
  3. Room for the Cuckold/Beaux of London City **
  4. The Unquiet Grave
  5. The Whitehall Minuet/Hare's Maggot
  6. Old Father William
  7. Our Cat has Kitted/Crimson Velvet
  8. The Young Girl Cut Down in her Prime
  9. Parson's Farewell/St Martin's
  10. I Wish the Wars Were all Over **
** included in sample tracks

In the Air or the Earth

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Through Lonesome Woods
WGS372CD (2010)
£10.00 inc p&p UK

"Three years after their critically acclaimed début, 'Through Lonesome Woods' cements The Askew Sisters' reputation as shining stars on the British folk scene." Mary Stokes; bright young folk »

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Saturday Night/Through Lonesome Woods | If I Were a Blackbird

  1. Saturday Night/Through Lonesome Woods 6.38 **
  2. The Blue eyed Strange/Goddesses/Mrs Casey 5.11
  3. Henry Martin 4.26
  4. The Bonny Bows of London Town 7.46
  5. The Dusty Miller/The Presbyterian Hornpipe 3.57
  6. Lord Bateman 7.22
  7. Sweet Lemaney 3.46
  8. Mundesse/Paddy Carey's 5.10
  9. Jack the Jolly Tar 2.42
  10. If I was a Blackbird 5.03 **
  11. Valentine/The Turtle Dove 5.50
** included in sample tracks

Through Lonesome Woods

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All in a Garden Green
WGS345CD (2007)
£10.00 inc p&p UK


Hazel's rich gutsy voice and inventive melodeon-playing combined with the skill of Emily's singing fiddle or soulful cello are a new force to be reckoned with." Stirrings Magazine.

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  1. Adieu to Old England
  2. All in a Garden Green/Horses Bransle
  3. The Old Virginia Lowlands
  4. Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear
  5. High Germany
  6. Dorrington Lads
  7. The Lover's Ghost
  8. The Banks of the Sweet Primroses
  9. Blenheim House/Malt Has Come Down
  10. Bedlam City
  11. A Noble Riddle Wisely Expounded
  12. The Unfortunate Tailor/Shaalds of Foula
  13. Three Drunken Maidens **
** included in sample tracks

All in a Garden Green

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Six by Two
WGS329EP (2005)

No longer available

"One rather senses that God willing, 50 years hence, this little EP will be a collectors' item, and will fetch a fine price." Dai Woosnam

  1. Chasse Pain
  2. Robin Wood and the Pedlar
  3. Little Polly Polka/Dick Iris's Polka
  4. Hanter Dro.
  5. Sovay
  6. Glorishears/Eleanor Rigby

Six by Two

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The Emily Askew Band EA001

£13.00 inc. p&p UK ONLY



"A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination."

An exploration of folk and early music, and what can happen when you remove the boundaries between the two and look upon them with fresh eyes.

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The Axford Five
(The Askew Sisters and Craig Morgan Robson)
WGS364CD (2009)
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Songs collected by George Gardiner from the village of Axford, Hampshire in 1904 from Sarah Goodyear, Marty Munday, Elizabeth Randall, Charlotte Hall and Emma Hopkins. Together these women, known affectionately as the Axford Five, provided a rich variety of material, from songs of love and loss, murder and mischief to the downright risque!

"The Gypsy Laddie" - to play track, please enable Javascript or download track.

  1. The Gypsy Laddie **
  2. He Was Under My Window
  3. Long Lankle
  4. Down in Fleet Street
  5. Bold William Taylor
  6. Lord Derwentwater
  7. An Old Man Came Courting Me
  8. The Lowlands of Holland
  9. Abroad as I was walking
  10. Beautiful Nancy
  11. Tarry Trousers
  12. Down the Lane
  13. A Famous Farmer
  14. Sweet Lovely Joan
  15. The Trooper's Horse
** included in sample tracks

The Axford Five